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A giant collection of awesome knowledge and resources to help you succeed at HYF and beyond. The goal of this repository is to be the one tab you can't help but pin.

Contributions are Necessary!

This is very much a work in progress, please contribute or be patient :)
To keep this repository book up-to-date and as helpful as possible (for all HYFers) we need you to stay involved!
If you're reading this on GitBook, there's a button (:octocat: Edit on GitHub) in the upper right-hand-corder that will open to the main repo.
From there you can directly send a patch or PR.
    Do you know a great resource we've missed? Send a Pull Request / Patch with the link.
    Links in all languages are welcome! Just let everyone know what language it is in with a little comment - (tr), (ru), ...
    Are we missing an important topic? Send a PR with a new folder or file (and a link to it in the SUMMARY.md, to keep the GitBook up-to-date ;)
    Was a certain link super helpful? Send us a patch with a + after the link. The more + the more helpful!
    Was a link not very helpful, or even confusing? Send us a patch with a - after the link. If a link has too many - and not enough +, we'll remove it.
    All good things come to an end. If you find a link that has gone dead, send us a Patch with a X after the link. We'll wait a couple months then remove it. Sometimes links come back


Markdown is so important to open source development that it deserves to be on this front page, and simple enough that you'll never need more than a few references. so here they are!
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